“Reiki is an ancient way to activate and balance our natural life energy”

The word Reiki means Universal life force. Dr Usui rediscovered Reiki in the 1920’s in Japan. Reiki is non-invasive and involves the client either lying or sitting fully clothed while the practitioner places their hands on or above the body.

Reiki is intuitive. It will flow according to the needs of the recipient, releasing and balancing their energy.

Reiki works on the whole being including the mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is suitable for most people including babies, children, pregnant women, adults, the elderly and even animals.

Benefits of Reiki

Energises and heals the body.

Treats symptoms and causes of illness.

Reduces stress and helps with pain management.

Strengthens the immune system.

Clients comment on the feeling of inner peace, security and well-being after a session.

It gives the recipient better ability to cope with difficult situations.

It can also help your business prosper by opening your mind up to creativity and vision.

“All that is needed is a desire to be healed”

You might feel

Deeply relaxed.
Heat from the healing hands.
Every individuals experience is unique.

Trial session

30 minutes £15

Normal treatment

60 minutes £40

Professional and gentle

Fiona has a professional and gentle manner and I sense that she genuinely cares for her clients well-being. I come away from a reiki session feeling as though a huge weight has been lifted and feel much more relaxed. Fiona is very happy to work with any feedback she receives and can tailor her practice accordingly. I would recommend Fiona as a skilled and intuitive professional practitioner.

– C.C Jan.2020

Reiki saved me

I was one of Fiona’s first patients when she qualified. I went stray for 5 weeks and was found with a broken pelvis the vet said could not be operated on. He said I would be crippled for sure, but thanks to Fiona’s work and passion, I’m now able to run around with my friends!

– Rescued Doggy

Intuitive and gentle practitioner

Fiona is a very caring, intuitive and gentle practitioner of both reiki and hand massage. The hand massage was very gentle, my body felt very relaxed afterwards and I was in less pain for some hours following the treatment, which meant I was able to sleep well , a great bonus. Her reiki is very powerful and I have experienced Fiona giving me Reiki in person and at a distance due to being in isolation. I highly recommend Fiona to you.

– L.B Feb.2020

Over the years I have treated the pets of friends and family. This has had a therapeutic and calming effect.

Reiki can be used on sick and injured animals. It can also be used to maintain their general well- being, strengthening their immune system, allowing the energy to balance.

This is particularly useful for animals with behaviour problems.

How Reiki has helped beloved pets

Ben, a sheepdog, had been diagnosed with cancer metastases. His owner wanted to help his discomfort. As I gave him reiki, Ben fell into a deep sleep. Ben was always calm and settled after the session.

The reiki also helped Arnie, a cat with terminal cancer who was very restless.

Gwen, a rescued hound, broke her pelvis when she went stray. Reiki helped to heal the break that couldn’t be repaired with an operation.

A rescue cat had been treated for an eye infection, but the eye wouldn’t clear up completely. After a couple of reiki treatments the eye healed.

Feel free to call just to chat for more information.

Animal treatment

60 minutes £40

Reiki & Massage therapy are complementary therapies.
It remains important to seek medical advice from your GP