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Reiki comforts your soul

Reiki is a non invasive but powerful healing technique that will help you find inner peace, security and well-being.
Whether you are stressed or looking for ways to manage
emotional or physical pain,
I can help you.

Professional and gentle

Fiona has a professional and gentle manner and I sense that she genuinely cares for her clients well-being. I come away from a reiki session feeling as though a huge weight has been lifted and feel much more relaxed. Fiona is very happy to work with any feedback she receives and can tailor her practice accordingly. I would recommend Fiona as a skilled and intuitive professional practitioner.

– C.C Jan.2020

Reiki saved me

I was one of Fiona’s first patients when she qualified. I went stray for 5 weeks and was found with a broken pelvis the vet said could not be operated on. He said I would be crippled for sure, but thanks to Fiona’s work and passion, I’m now able to run around with my friends!

– Rescued Doggy

Intuitive and gentle practitioner

The hand massage was very gentle, my body felt very relaxed afterwards and I was in less pain for some hours following the treatment, which meant I was able to sleep well , a great bonus. Her reiki is very powerful and I have experienced Fiona giving me Reiki in person and at a distance due to being in isolation. I highly recommend Fiona to you.

– L.B Feb.2020

About me

“I feel passionate about helping my clients in their journey to health.”

I always wanted to be a nurse when I grew up, but after graduating from the Royal London, my time was spent on drug rounds and admin. I felt disillusioned.

I lost all job satisfaction. I missed the one to one care and connection with the patients.

I had an accident at work, which led me to have time off and reflect. I realised I couldn’t develop the way I was driven to and chose a change of career.

I became a Montessori nursery teacher which used my fun, creative side and I could tune into to each child with individual needs. Their energy and enthusiasm was amazing.

Once my own children had left nursery, I felt the need to return to the caring profession, working as a carer and enjoying time with clients.

Yet, I felt there was still a part of me not being used.

13 years ago, I heard about reiki and wondered what it was. I completed reiki 1 and 2 and felt as though I’d come home. I could feel the heat from my hands as I gave reiki. I went on to practise as much as I could and found the results so pleasing using a natural way to heal, it has been my passion to this day.

I also trained as a reconnective healing practitioner. With this healing I work with another frequency which restores balance in the body.

–Fiona Agar

“Just today”

Don’t be angry,
Don’t worry,
Be grateful,
Work with diligence,
Be kind to people.

–Mikao Usui– Five Reiki principles
Reiki & Massage therapy are complementary therapies.
It remains important to seek medical advice from your GP